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sight + sound festival

DATA_connection– performance by DEMOLECULARISATION (jérôme & jean-françois Blanquet)
29th of September 2017 at Eastern Bloc [7240 Clark]/Montréal.
-DATA_connection- like the title of the film -french connection- by William Friedkin, DATA traffic.

DATA_connection from DEMOLECULARISATION on Vimeo.


BORDEAUX, june 24 2017
Yi-King operators (JF Blanquet, Carl Y, Nicolas Montgermont and RYBN).
Monoquini/Bordeaux invites Yi-King operators.

the project: Sound exploration of the Yi King Art.
This is both a serie of experimentations on using the numerous relationships of the Yi King to constraint an improvised music session and a way to answer a question asked to the Yi king in sound. Each consultation defines a number of rules for the sound setup and a specific time development canvas.


friday 26 may
THSF#8: Toulouse Hacker Space Factory/Toulouse France
with DEMOLECULARISATION (jérôme & jf Blanquet) and the live audiovisual decoding project –logfordata_connection

logfordata_conection VHS screen shot

: live decoding of audio tapes, messages digitally encrypted, texts coming from the civilization of algorithms, some of them are free and activists!
M.A.L. – AudioVisions (Perf A/V- Salle 3)
01IVIER BAUDU – Ttotoxoxixicicc (Perf A/V – Aire 1)
DEMOLECULARISATION – logfordata_connection (Perf A/V – Salle 3)
—- BENJAMIN CADON – Pâté sonore (Perf A/V – Aire 1)
—– STIENIS / EQKO – Fulgur Apparatus (Perf A/V – Salle 3)
—— JAMES LEWIS / VSRK – Live act modulaire & (Perf A/V – Aire 1)
——- SAMOTH MOTH / EQKO – Electronica & glitch art (Concert – Aire 1)
——– SCANDAL ORCHESTRA / GUEST VJ – Improvisation hardware (Concert – Salle 3)

HS/Ateliers Claus

AKA X [4]
22 April 2017

.// BCK (Fr),
.// Jean-François Blanquet (Be),
.// Sascii (Fr),
.// Martin Tétreault (Ca) in duo with Anne-F
.// Valentina Vuksic (Ch).

Fourth step in Artkillart X tour, Brussels @ les ateliers claus & rue de Senne and HS63 !
facilitated by phonotopy !


de player

AKA X [3]
21 April 2017
./ BCK (Fr)
./ Sascii (Fr)
./ Jean-François Blanquet (Be)
./ Valentina Vuksic (Ch),
./ Jan Kees Van Kampen (Nl)

Artkillart will be visiting the fantastic De Player in Rotterdam for its third step towards the X tour.

AKA Sonic Protest video

ArtKillArt X Église Saint Merry / Sonic Protest from Sarah T. Brown on Vimeo.